LP-24 Nichiban CELLOTAPE™ 3 Inch Core Tape

LP-24 Nichiban CELLOTAPE™ 3 Inch Core Tape

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Nichiban #LP-24 – Cellophane tapes coated with adhesive on one side.

24mm x 35m  6 rolls per box / available only by the box

Conforms to JIS Z 1522 specification [ MSDS ]. This tape is used primarily for paint adhesion testing.

      Key features:

      • Convenient for offices, shops and schools and other contexts with many potential users.

      • CELLOTAPE is a low static tape which reduces its automatic attraction to paper, making your work easy.

      • Smooth and soft texture

      • You can tear the tape with your fingers, but using a tape dispenser makes the job easier.

      • Sticks securely even on polyethylene.

      • Each roll of tape is packed in a bed of soft packaging material.


      • Sealing envelope

      • Craft projects

      • Packaging

      • Affixing temporary notes, etc.

      • Sticking up posters